The Florida Dental Association Foundation is the charitable arm of the Florida Dental Association.

Our mission is to generate and direct resources for charitable and educational oral health programs for the people of Florida.

We are a major funding agency of these areas, which organized dentistry supports:

  • dental access programs for underserved populations through programs such as Project: Dentists Care and Give Kids a Smile
  • preventive dental education programs with resources at
  • disaster loans and grants for dentists
  • humanitarian efforts in dentistry

Earlier this year, the Foundation provided over $72,000 in grant monies to local PDC Associate Members.  These grant monies will be used to obtain dental supplies and equipment for the organization, provide direct patient care, and organize events.

In 2011, PDC Associate Members and FDA Members reported approximately $10 million in pro bono dental care. However, much pro-bono dental work goes unreported.